Project management case study the custom woodworking company

The incidents described are typical of the types of things that happen in real-life projects and I have seen most of them. Hopefully, they do not all happen on the same project, but the reality is that if project sponsors do not start out with an understanding of project management and its processes, the probability of such things happening are surprisingly high. I have set out the story of the project according to its natural evolution.

Project management case study the custom woodworking company

John Carpenter, with a vision of growth based on computer controlled automation, talked over the idea with his father. Cashman and Moneysworth felt strongly that they should remain in their current location since there was spare land on their property, even though it was not the most convenient for plant expansion.

They argued that not only would this avoid the costs of buying and selling property, but more importantly avoid the interruption to production while relocating their existing equipment.

Besides, the nearest potential location at an attractive price was at least fifteen miles further out from the residential area where most of them lived.

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Polarization of opinions rapidly became evident and so, in the spring ofWoody called a meeting of the directors and key personnel to resolve the issue. After a visit to the factory floor and a prolonged and sometimes bitter argument lasting into the early hours, it was agreed that the company would stay put on its existing property.

The opportunity would also be taken to install air-conditioning and a dust-free paint and finishing shop complete with additional compressor capacity.

Equipment would include a semi-automatic woodworking production train, requiring the development and installation of software and hardware to run it. Spencer Moneysworth would take responsibility for Project Woody Planning Moneysworth was keen to show his administrative abilities.

He decided not to involve the production people as they were always too busy and, anyway, that would only delay progress.

Project Management Case Study The Custom Woodworki |

So, not one for wasting time on planningMoneysworth immediately invited Expert Industrial Developers EID to quote on the planned expansion. Meanwhile, Kim Cashman developed a monthly cash flow chart as follows: He carefully locked the cash flow chart away in his drawer for future reference.

Further negotiations followed in which EID offered to undertake the work based on a fully reimbursable contract. Moneysworth started inquiries elsewhere but EID countered with an offer to do their own work on cost plus but solicit fixed price quotations for all sub-trade work.

Under this arrangement EID would be paid an hourly rate covering direct wages or salaries, payroll burden, head-office overhead and profit.

Moneysworth felt that the proposed hourly rate was reasonable and that the hours could be monitored effectively. John Carpenter suggested he use Ian Leadbetter, a bright young mechanical engineer who had specialized in programming semi-automatic manufacturing machinery.

Moneysworth realized that this knowledge would be an asset to the project and gave Leadbetter responsibility for running the project. Ian was keen to demonstrate his software skills to his friend John Carpenter. So, while he lacked project management training and experience especially any understanding of "project life-cycle" and "control concepts" he readily accepted the responsibility.

During the initial phases of the mechanical design, Ian Leadbetter made good progress on developing the necessary production line control software program.

Wace, Walter E.

Miles Faster jumped at the opportunity to get involved and decided to change the production train specification to increase capacity. It also resulted in errors requiring increased debugging at startup. For this reason alone, the delivery schedule slipped two weeks, contributing to a later construction schedule conflict in tying-in the new services.

Construction Site clearing was tackled early on with little difficulty. However, as the main construction got into full swing some eight months later, more significant problems began to appear. The change in production train specification made it necessary to add another five feet to the length of the new building.

Project management case study the custom woodworking company

This was only discovered when holding-down bolts for the new train were laid out on site, long after the perimeter foundations had been poured. The catalogue descriptions and specifications for other equipment selected were similarly not received and reviewed until after the foundations had been poured.AccessPress Lite is a HTML5 & CSS3 Responsive WordPress Business Theme with clean, minimal yet highly professional design.

With our years of experience, we've developed this theme and given back to this awesome WordPress community. View this case study on Project Management in the Custom Woodworking Company. In The Custom Woodworking Company hereafter known as Woody's there were numerous Case Study Project Management in the Custom Woodworking Company and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers.

Project Management Case Study Woody’s Custom Woodworking The Custom Woodworking Company is a small-to-medium sized custom furniture and cabinet making company, with head-office and a spacious plant site at Industrial Estates, Someplace, BC. Project Management Case Study - The Custom Woodworking Company Case Study.

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Project management case study the custom woodworking company

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