Paper snowflake tutorial

Motherhood and other creative adventures Quilled Snowflake Ornament December 10, Today I have a big fat tutorial to share with you. This is a perfect application for quilling. I like using an icy blue color, but a true white looks great too. You can make your strips thicker if you want and it will work just great.

Paper snowflake tutorial

December 02, Skull-A-Day 4. Skullflake Snowflake Skull I love making snowflakes every Winter to decorate the windows. Here is the tutorial on how I made mine. SUPPLIES Paper - I used standard white computer paper, but you can use something fancier like origami paper, which would add color and additional patterns to the snowflake.

You will have to alter the below directions to accommodate a different shape paper. Scissors - To cut the sides and top Xacto Knife - To cut inner details Iron - For flattening the snow flake after it's done.

You can use a standard or craft iron on the non-steam setting. Ironing board - For ironing on Match the top corners to the bottom corners. Crease with your fingers.

Allison Gryski: Tutorial: Paper Snowflakes (with 6 sides)

No need for a bone folder, since you will be ironing these creases out later. This will be fold 1 3 With the paper still folded, fold the piece vertically. Match the left corners with the right ones.

This will make fold 2. You will bring the left fold 2 over midway on the right side. The corner should extend past the edge a bit. This will make fold 3.

This will make fold 4. You will throw away or do something else with the top portion you cut off. This will make cutting easier.

You will have less layers and have a more accurate design when cutting. The left side will match up to folds 1 and 3.

The right side will match up to folds 2 and 4. You will not be moving the iron back and forth. Just set it down on the bent sections of the snowflake for a few seconds at a time.

Instructions for Folding and Cutting Six-Sided Paper Snowflakes

The weight and heat will flatten the snowflake. If any details are skewed, adjust them by hand and press flat.

I would love to see all of your snowflakes you make with this tutorial.A few days back I made a fun Pom Pom garland (find the tutorial here) to add to my winter decor. When my daughter noticed me crafting, she wanted to show me how to make a 3D, paper snowflake!

Her sweet teacher taught the class how to make these, my daughter passed that . Everyone knows that snowflakes in nature have a six sided symmetry, but most people shy away from making their paper snowflakes mimic nature in this way.

Partly because . Hold the bottom of the snowflake petal very tightly while tying your wire or fishing string around the end of it.

Repeat steps until you have 8 petals. Take a stack of paper strips and roll them together & tie them with wire or string. Hot glue the entire bottom of your petal. 3D Snowflake - Paper snowflake - How to Make 3D Paper Snowflakes for Christmas decorations Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) - remake 3D Snowflake DIY Tutorial - How to Make 3D Paper Snowflakes for homemade decorations.

Paper snowflake tutorial

Dec 13,  · Lacy snowflake tutorial. This is a speedy, fun project. I've hung one of these in each of our living room windows, and it looks festive and wintery. I folded the paper into half to make a triangle, then folded the triangle so that I could make the cuts identical on each side.

I made one with just three cuts on each side and then Author: How About Orange. Paper Snowflake Tutorial and Template December 12, in free patterns, tutorials and tips | 5 comments I’ve been making these paper snowflakes for as long as I can remember and I never get tired of cutting these pretties.

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